Since the day Facebook has announced Messenger Platform it has got quite an attention by individuals, businesses and developers. Companies, brands and individuals are testing this new platform and trying to figure it out how it could be good for their businesses to grow.   In previous post I wrote about development of a… Read More

(Credit: Facebook recently announced a Bot platform for it’s Messenger which provides businesses and individuals another way to communicate with people. What is a Chat bot? A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. Chat bot in PHP When I heard of it, my very first thought was… Read More

There are various free/paid scripts available out there that either are enhancing capability of SCOM or providing a needed feature that has not been provided by Microsoft. Here are our picks:     SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script:-┬áThis is an enhanced and adapted version of Tao’s ┬áSCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2. It has… Read More