There are various free/paid scripts available out there that either are enhancing capability of SCOM or providing a needed feature that has not been provided by Microsoft. Here are our picks:



SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script:- This is an enhanced and adapted version of Tao’s  SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2. It has features like configuration file, mail send logging and a few others. For detail visit the script page


SCOM 2012 Daily Health Check Script:- If you are using SCOM 2012 or 2012 R2 cmdlets, this script should help you to perform various health checking related tasks. For details visit here.


Uninstalling SCOM Agents from remote machine:- A Powershell script to remove remove remote agents from the given list of servers. Visit the script page for details.


Install SCOM Agent remotely:-  Unlike above script, this one will actually make installation of SCOM agents in remote machines. Check the details here


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