Facebook Messenger Bot for Buesiness


Since the day Facebook has announced Messenger Platform it has got quite an attention by individuals, businesses and developers. Companies, brands and individuals are testing this new platform and trying to figure it out how it could be good for their businesses to grow.


In previous post I wrote about development of a Facebook bot messenger. now let’s discuss how it could be helpful for businesses and what could be common use cases to implement it.


What Is Facebook Messenger Bot?

It is actually a software program that is connected with a Facebook Fan Page. Once it’s done, if it’s active then starts responding messages sent by the Page’s user.


Almost every other business, celebrity and organizations are using Facebook and communicating with their customers and fans via Facebook Page. As per Facebook’s 2015 report, there are 40 million small businesses taking advantage of Facebook to grow their businesses. Facebook Fan pages  have option to receive messages by users and respond. With the facility of integrating an automated program, aka, bot business users can come up with various ideas and use cases to use this new platform. I will discuss a few of them in brief and then in coming days would discuss each of them in separate post with example.

Though Facebook covered a few cases here , I will discuss further in details how it could be helpful for businesses.



Online Shopping



Facebook Messenger bots have opened a new channel and revenue stream for online businesses where they can receive orders directly within messenger.  It does not end here, customers can also make payment right within messenger. No need to go some external payment processing service. Now Imagine you are already running a page to sell your items, if you come up with a bot that not talks interesting stuff with your customers but also store their preferences and suggest items they could like, it would not only help to increase customer satisfaction but also revenue in the long run.


Notification System

Facebook Messenger Bots can also be used as notification system. You get subscribed with a service and they start sending you messages periodically about the information you are looking for. Techcruch’s bot come under this category. If you are running a business where you send out information to your subscribers via email every day, you can ask them to subscribe with your bot and they could be notified about updates right in their messengers.


Order Management System

Such kinds of bots will definitely going to gain popularity due to nature of the problem they are going to solve. Imagine you are already subscribed with Fan pages of McDonalds and Pizza hut, instead of calling them or going to their Website and ordering your favorite item, all you will do is to load Messenger, select your favorite meal and submit order. Simple as that!


Search Engine

Companies who are already offering a search engine type websites can just open another interface to their existing system. QnA sites and forums are good example of such use cases. Australian real estate website Domain recently offered a bot for similar purpose.


Customer Support

Many of the Facebook pages are already being used for the purpose. What if this process is automated by integrating their backend system with Facebook Messenger. A ‘Bot’ agent can respond promptly to the customer based on query thus increase in satisfaction.



These are few of the many use cases I discussed here. Possibilities are endless. If you are running business then you should not waste time and become the part of this new wave.

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